It started as a crusade and developed into a passion! Such was the beginning of the Big Benz Akitas legacy! Lynny Benzinger began her career as a animal caretaker at a local college's research facility. When a gorgeous Akita came in, she saw her inner beauty and regal nature and decided this was not to be the final home for such a majestic soul! So with her first Akita rescued, her path towards the birth of Big Benz Akitas was started.

Today, Lynny still takes an active interest in rescue and is a founding member and the current President of the Akita Rescue of Western New York, Inc. ARWNY has transitioned to a new national senior surrender prevention program called Akita-S.O.S. Akita-S.O.S. will help these older Akitas remain in their homes where they belong, or if a new, permanent home is available that may not be able to afford extraordinary medical care, SOS can assist. Sort of like offering a spare bedroom to grandma—you may need a little outside help to keep her there until it is her time.  We are that outside help to our Akitas.  We have already helped a few of these dogs and know this program can work.  Senior Akitas with health problems will receive veterinary care, funds paid directly to the veterinarians.  Those that are hungry will receive food shipped directly to their owner. Medicines, supplements, and most importantly, advice and support will be available to their owners.

ARWNY continues to assist unwanted, abused, and neglected Akitas, just not doing physical hands-on rescue and instead through education -- assisting owners with problem solving so their Akita does not loose its home, and about health and guidance and training.

ARWNY is a family affair for the Benzingers and even Dave (AKA Big Daddy) has been known to carry boxes, set up tents, and do whatever is required. Jolene and even Mandy participate as often as they can.

Above: Lynny models the newest Akita-S.O.S. shirt. Then two pictures of "Kimmy's Haven" -- the rescue kennel built at the Benzinger's by the Benzinger's and ARWNY! The kennel is dedicated to Lynny's first Akita Kimmy who is buried right next to the kennel and watches over all rescues fostered there!

Below: (LEFT) Lynny with Opi, a rescue dog who captured Lynny's heart and stayed with her until his passing. Opi was near death when pulled from the puppymill but the Benzinger's renewed his will to live! (RIGHT) Lynny with Breezie, another rescue she helped save from near death and who never left her heart!

If you are interested in finding a nice companion and want to consider a rescue dog, please visit the ARWNY site at:

OR consider a donation as ARWNY is a not-for-profit and donations are tax deductible and ALL donations go exclusively to the welfare of the dogs in ARWNY's care.

    Above: (LEFT) Mikasa and Lynny -- a bond strengthened through her rescue! (CENTER) The ARWNY girls -- sisters in rescue! (RIGHT) Lynny proudly walks her Opi through the rescue parade at the ARWNY Fun Match!

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